Avoid a DUI This Holiday Season With These 3 Tips

The holiday season is a time for togetherness.  Many people join with their family and friends to celebrate during the holidays, and there is often drinking involved.  Unfortunately, this can lead to drinking and driving. DUIs are at their highest during Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.  Luckily, there are ways to stay safe and be smart this holiday season.  At The Law Office of Zapicchi and Liller LLP, we’ve got three tips to help you avoid a DUI during the holidays.

  1. Don’t drink and drive.

While it might seem obvious, it’s also true.  The best way to avoid a DUI this holiday season is to simply not drink and drive.  You can plan ahead and find a designated driver, too.  This will help you avoid any situations where you might be tempted to drive after a few drinks.  Making the right choice will also have a positive impact on everyone else who might be on the roads, as well.  If you do find yourself in a situation where you need a DUI lawyer in Monmouth County, New Jersey, then call our team.  We can help provide the counsel that you need.

2.Get a cab.

Even if you live close to home, you still run the risk of being pulled over for a DUI.  Nowadays, you can call a cab or call Uber and get a ride home safely.  Many DUI convictions actually include drivers who are less than a mile from their homes.  Just because you are close to your home does not mean that you will increase your chances of getting there safely if drunk.  This holiday season, be smart and plan ahead so that you can make arrangements for transportation if necessary.

3.Don’t try to have one drink per hour.

While pacing your drinking is always a good idea, it does not mean that you can abide by the “one drink per hour” motto.  Everyone reacts differently to alcohol and choosing to only have one drink per hour won’t necessarily work.  Many people who follow the “one drink per hour” rule still end up with DUI convictions.  In the event that you do require a DUI defense in Burlington County, New Jersey, the team at Zapicchi and Liller, LLP can be of assistance.  They provide legal defense counsel for those who need it most.  This holiday season, be safe and be smart.  It will yield the best results for everyone who is on the road.

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