How to Proceed After a Speeding Ticket

One of the most common fines that people living in the United States are cited for is speeding. Every day, about one in every ten drivers will be pulled over for speeding – so if you’ve recently gotten a speeding ticket, you’re certainly not alone! Although it’s a common occurrence, that doesn’t mean that dealing with a speeding ticket can’t be expensive –  New Jersey drivers can pay up to $260 for a speeding violation! If you’ve been ticketed, know the steps you should take and speak to a traffic lawyer in Burlington County NJ as soon as you can!

Fighting the ticket. Accidents happen, and police officers are far from perfect. If you believe that you were not actually speeding or that your ticket was unjustified for some other reason, it may be worthwhile to contest the ticket in court. You may have heard stories about someone you know getting their ticket dismissed because the officer did not show up to court – while this may happen, you should still be prepared to argue your case if you request a court date. A speeding ticket lawyer in Monmouth County can increase your chances of paying a reduced fine or having the ticket dismissed.

Seeking mitigation. If this is your first ever speeding ticket or your first in a number of years, you can also request a mitigation to explain your circumstances to the judge. You won’t be required to challenge your ticket as you would if you were fighting its legitimacy, but you will be required to make a case regarding why you broke the law in the first place. A mediation can result in a reduced fine or extra time to pay the fine, depending on the judge and your circumstances. However, keep in mind that by requesting a mitigation, you are admitting that you were speeding and you will not be able to retract this later.

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