NJ Gun Laws by the Numbers

Fewer laws are as controversial across the country as those restricting the purchase and use of firearms. Especially with the new presidential executive actions taking place on gun control and expanded background checks, it’s important to be educated on what the laws surrounding gun ownership and possession in the state of New Jersey really are. We have some of the strictest gun requirements in the country, and it’s important as NJ residents to know what those are and be active participants in the conversation surrounding second amendment rights, gun control, and the penalties for weapons charges. Here is a quick look at some of the numbers involved in guns and other firearms in our state.

Purchasing a Handgun? You’re able to purchase one handgun per month in New Jersey, provided that you possess the required permits. Statistically, about 12.3% of New Jersey residents own guns. This number is based on a 2007 survey.

By Ages: The minimum age for purchasing a firearm in New Jersey is eighteen, the same age as serving in the military, but not for drinking alcohol. In contrast, hunting permits can be issued to New Jersey residents as young as ten years of age.

Purchaser ID: In order to successfully purchase a firearm in New Jersey under our current gun laws, you’ll need to be the proud owner of a purchaser ID, and provide all the required forms of documentation to do so. This should be fulfilled within thirty days, but in reality it often takes a fair amount longer when put into practice.

Permits on Permits: In order to successfully go through the lengthy process of purchasing, and then carrying a handgun in public with the gun laws the way they are currently, you will need to acquire three separate permits. Otherwise, you may be subject to additional weapons charges.

Mental Health: This is one of the main subjects of conversation surrounding the gun control debate, and is often brought up when considering the multiple mass shootings that have struck America in the past few years. However, it is currently not required in New Jersey for your mental health to be reviewed before purchasing a gun.

Banned or Not Banned? Another hot-button topic when discussing gun laws is that of military-grade assault weapons, which are indeed banned in New Jersey. This does not include semi-automatic firearms, which are permitted to have up to fifteen bullets in their magazine.

How are We Stacking Up Nationally? While New Jersey has one of the strictest amount of gun control laws and penalties for weapons charges in the country, our rate of gun related murders is also among the lowest. In 2010, there were 246 gun murders in New Jersey.

If you are facing any firearms or weapons charges for a violation of New Jersey’s current gun laws, it is vitally important that you work with an experienced criminal defense attorney throughout the process. For a full understanding of the extensive services we offer at Zapicchi & Liller LLP, give us a call today for a free consultation today at 609-291-9500.