Steps to Take If You’re Convicted of a DUI

You’ve Been Convicted…What Next?

DUI Convictions:

Here at the Law Offices of Zapicchi and Liller, LLP, we have been proudly defending Monmouth County residents facing DUI or DWI charges for close to a decade.  Our expert partners at Zapicchi and Liller are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to representing residents as DUI lawyers in Monmouth County, NJ.

Unfortunately, although we may be able to reduce fines and avoid lengthy jail sentences for our clients, we can’t overturn every conviction that we work on. However, we can offer expert advice for the steps to take in the aftermath of a conviction.

Seek Legal Counsel:

It’s important that you fully understand the laws in your state when it comes to DUI convictions. Working with a qualified attorney with experience in handling DUI cases can go a long way when it comes to simplifying this process and providing clarity when circumstances may be overwhelming.

Report to Court:

We recommend that you attend your set court date on time to avoid getting into any further legal trouble. Most states mandate that a DUI offender must appear in court or before your state licensing authority within 30 days of your arrest.

Carry Out Your Punishment:

The judge that deals with your case may sentence you to a variety of punishments. These can include jail time, fines, classes, probation, revocation or restriction of your license. Whatever the punishment, it is important that you abide by this sentencing in order to fulfill your conviction and eventually get your license back. The severity of your punishment will always be a reflection of the severity of your offense.

Carry the Correct Insurance:

Once you have been convicted of a DUI, there is a good chance that your insurance company will terminate your existing policy. If you retain your driver’s license, it’s important to acquire new insurance. If your policy lapses, your insurance carrier is required by law to notify your state licensing authority, which may result in a suspension of your license.

We offer competitive legal fees due to our relatively low overheads compared to larger firms. If you are seeking a DWI lawyer in Monmouth County, NJ or surrounding areas, contact us here today.