The Complexity and Consequences of Speeding in New Jersey

If you drive through the state of New Jersey on a regular basis, then you should be familiar with the laws governing the road. Like most states in the US, New Jersey operates and regulates its drivers’ insurance and moving citations using a point system. Intended to restrict and moderate a number of reckless and unsafe drivers, the NJ speeding ticket and point system is complicated, and severe enough that it should be studied.

At the Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller, LLP, our traffic lawyers serve communities like Burlington County, NJ, explaining speeding tickets, moving violations, and penalties to our clients during a free and confidential consultation.

With our prospective clients in mind, we want to review the laws in New Jersey and how they penalize speeding.

The Legal Definition

As our criminal and traffic lawyers tell residents in Hamilton Township, NJ, and other locals from the area, any vehicle in motion can be guilty of a moving violation. Speeding, as you can expect, is the most common moving violation that occurs and is ticketed by law enforcement in the state of New Jersey.

Should you accumulate enough points, as a result of moving violations, including speeding, you will suffer the suspension of your driver’s’ license. Without a license, your mobility is limited; and your employment itself is jeopardized.

The Range of Speeding Tickets

When you’re pulled over by a police officer for speeding, the moving violation you receive varies depending on the speed you were traveling over the legal limit, the conditions of the road, points currently on your license, and other factors.

Traveling 1-9 miles over the limit may garner you an $81 fine (doubled to $136 if above 65 mph or in a zone that is deemed unsafe). With each escalating interval, the safe and unsafe fine rise in price. If you have been caught driving 35-39 mph over the limit (when the speed limit is 65 mph), you could face a $500 fine and a suspended drivers’ license.

Your Legal Defense Against Speeding

Unless you have lawyers on your side, your chance of avoiding a speeding ticket is slim. Call our Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller, LLP at 609-318-3990, and you’ll have access to our seasoned lawyers, as we work with you to minimize your penalties and points.