The Consequences of Driving Without a License

Before you buckle your seatbelt and turn the ignition, you need to ensure that you have three documents in your possession – your insurance, your registration, and your driver’s license.

  1. Being insured, you protect yourself and your property against any accidents that may occur on the road.
  2. State vehicle registration verifies that you own the vehicle that you’re driving and that it’s safe to operate.
  3. A driver’s license means that your state has deemed you a capable driver, granting you the privilege of driving within the United States.

Lacking any of these three, you cannot legally drive.

As DUI lawyers of the Monmouth County, NJ and nearby areas, we’ve handled a number of cases involving suspended driver’s licenses. Though it may seem innocuous, so long as you still have registration and insurance, driving without a license is a serious offense—one that can haunt you for years.

Over the years, the DMV has compiled data proving that driver’s with certified state licenses are safer than other drivers on the road. The conclusion is that drivers without licenses are more likely to cause accidents.

The Legal Consequences

Whenever you’re pulled over by a police officer, you are required to show proof of all three of the aforementioned documents—including a valid driver’s license. If you fail to produce your license, you’ll be charged with a correctable offense or a willful violation.

  • Correctable Offense: If your driver’s license is simply not within reach, you’ll be given a ticket that can be waived by appearing in court with proof that you indeed possess one.
  • Willful Violation: By far the more severe of the two, a willful violation means that you knowingly drove with a suspended, expired, or non-existent driver’s license. Usually, a driver’s license is suspended after a DUI or excessive points. Being convicted of a willful violation, you may be cited, arrested, and charged with a misdemeanor.

Your Local Legal Defenders

If you’re facing a willful violation, you’re looking at potential fines of at least $500. In fact, if your driver’s license was suspended because of a DUI, you can even be jailed for up to 90 days. At the Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller, our attorneys apply their knowledge of criminal law to defend clients with willful violations in Monmouth County, NJ and the whole state of New Jersey.