What To Do Next If You’ve Received a DUI or DWI

If you’ve recently received a DUI or DWI, you are probably feeling a host of emotions, ranging from anger to sadness, fear to confusion. Don’t worry – our experts are here to help you. After you’ve received a DUI or DWI, be sure to take the right next steps.

  • Know your terminology. Following your DUI, you will probably be presented with a host of acronyms that you may not understand. The most relevant of these will be DWI or DUI, which stand for “driving while intoxicated” and “driving under the influence,” respectively. The term BAC will also appear – your BAC is your “blood alcohol content,” and describes the relative amount of alcohol that was in your system at the time of your arrest.
  • Connect with a lawyer. The best thing you can do following a DUI or DWI is to call schedule an appointment with a DUI and traffic ticket attorney in Burlington County, NJ who can walk you through the legal ramifications and next steps in your case. Each individual case is different – some things that can affect your case include your BAC at the time of arrest and whether or not this was your first offense. However, the laws of every state and specifications of every case are unique, so contacting an experienced DWI lawyer in Monmouth County, NJ can help you to navigate the best course of action for your individual circumstances.
  • Understand the penalties. In the state of Pennsylvania, there is no minimum length of a license suspension if the current DUI or DWI was your first offense. However, you will likely face a minimum fine of at least $300 and a six month probationary period following the incident. If your BAC was above 0.16 (twice the legal limit), you will also likely face jail time and fines up to $5,000. A lawyer can help you to lower these charges, so it is particularly crucial that you contact a qualified attorney in these instances.

If you’re currently facing a DUI or DWI charge, contact our team at The Law Office of Zapicchi and Liller LLP by calling us at 609-318-3990. We’ll walk you through the process.