What’s the Deal With Identity Theft?

If you go back to the 1800’s, or even the early 1900’s, most people would have no idea what you’re talking about if you mentioned the phrase “identity theft” to them. Even though identity theft is a relatively new crime, it’s still quite pervasive all over the world due to the technological advances in the past few decades. This technological development has played a major role in how easy it is to carry out the crime now. But you might be wondering, what exactly is identity theft?

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What is identity theft?

Identity theft can best be described as when someone uses another person’s personal information, like their social security number, credit card number, email passwords, bank account numbers, or any other information to commit a crime. The crime can be committed against the person whose identity has been stolen or against another person.

How do people get other’s personal information?

There are plenty of different ways that people can get other’s personal information. They include:

  • Theft of a purse or wallet
  • Phishing – A seemingly legitimate email that asks for a person’s financial information and then used to take their money.
  • Pretexting – Similar to phishing but uses text messages instead of emails.
  • Skimming – When a credit card is swiped, a small electronic device is used to read information encoded on the card’s magnetic strip.

In all cases of identity theft, jail time will be required for offenders. The extent and severity of the crime, however, are dependent upon the degree of the crime that has been committed.

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