3 Lasting Effects of A DWI Charge

Any kind of driving under the influence charge (DUI or DWI) is very serious. Not only is drunk driving extremely dangerous, but there are also many effects that can last for years. The next time you go out for happy hour after work with your co-workers, remember these three lingering effects that can come with a DWI or DUI:

Help Wanted

It’s not rare for someone to lose their job following conviction. It is common practice for many managers and business owners to have zero tolerance when it comes to criminal record. Even worse, anyone who is needed to operate any kind of motor vehicle during the job duties may find themselves looking for a new job. There isn’t a single cocktail out there that’s worth losing your job over. 

Uber Is Your New Best Friend

Depending on the severity and specifics of a DWI charge, you are almost guaranteed to lose driving privileges for any amount of time. Those lucky enough to keep their job may find themselves paying high costs to get to work if public transportation doesn’t fit their commute. 

Your Freedom

Just like we said in the previous paragraph, the circumstance around your charge can even end up with you behind bars. Regardless of whether it is a DUI or DWI charge in Burlington County, NJ, the chance of doing jail time is very real. 

The best advice we can give to lower the chance of dealing with any of these lasting effects is to eliminate any chance of driving while intoxicated. Even if you’ve only had a few drinks, Uber and Lyft are always great choices to stay safe and not get charged. Anyone who is facing a DUI or DWI charge should reach out to us immediately. We here at The Law Offices of Zapicchi & Liller LLP have fought for those charged with DWIs and DUIs for years. 
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