Driving Without Insurance

Driving Without Insurance

The law applicable to the offense of driving without insurance in New Jersey is found in N.J.S.A. 39:6B, which requires that every registered owner of a vehicle registered or operating principally within the state have liability insurance which covers liability for death, property damage or personal injury.

Drivers that don’t have such insurance are placing themselves at a risk of getting a ‘Driving without Insurance’ ticket, which carries severe penalties.

Driving Without Insurance

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

Being an uninsured motorist is amost serious traffic infraction in the state of New Jersey. For first-time offenders, the punishment is a required year-long license suspension, a fine of $300 - $1,000 and community service.

Second-time and subsequent offenses carry even more serious penalties which include a jail term for 14 days or more, 2 years suspended license, a fine as high as $5,000 and at least thirty days community service.

Following a repeat offense, a driver so convicted will be required to complete a new application to the state’s Director of the Motor Vehicle Commission to receive a license to operate a motor vehicle. This request may be denied or granted at the Director’s discretion. This means that repeat offenders risk permanent loss of their driver’s license.

In addition, driving without insurance attracts a surcharge of $250 for a period of three years ($750 total). On top of that, they will have points added to their driving record which results in higher insurance points and eventually elevated insurance premiums.

Penalties for driving without Insurance

Permitting Another to Drive Without Insurance

The New Jersey statute applicable to driving without insurance also provides for prosecution of a person who lets another person drive a vehicle without insurance, having or required to have had knowledge of the same.

The penalties stated above are applicable to the non-driver that let’s another drive without insurance. However, the prosecution will have to prove that the vehicle’s registered owner knew or should have known that their vehicle was not insured. In the right circumstances (such as absence of previous traffic record), the defense attorneys can negotiate a plea agreement in which this ticket may be dismissed.

Driving Without Insurance Defense

If you have been accused of driving without insurance, contact Zapicchi & Liller for professional assistance

Given the seriousness of the offense and the severity of the penalty it carries, you need to have a legal team dedicated to fighting tooth and nail to secure the best possible outcome.

At Zapicchi & Liller, we have an experienced legal team skilled in the negotiation of plea agreements to offer dismissal and hence prevent your license from being suspended. We have litigated a vast array of traffic-related offenses, and we know the inner workings of the law and justice system, giving you a chance at a favorable outcome.

Permitting Another to Drive Without Insurance
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