Child Custody

Child Custody

At Zapicchi&Liller, family law is one of our major practice areas and we often deal with many child support and child custody issues, especially during divorce. Children are often the most affected in most divorces since they lose the shelter of the family structure that they have grown accustomed to their entire life. In order to safeguard the future of your child, it is essential to make the right decisions for custody and child support. We can offer you advice and legal representation during custody hearings.

What is Child Support Supposed to Cover

What is Child Custody?

Child custody describes the legal relationship between you and the child. There are different kinds of custody depending on what the court decides that is best for the child.

  • Physical custody, which means you have the right to live with the child and if the child spends a lot of time with both parents, both parents can share physical custody.
  • Legal custody means you have the right to make decisions about the upbringing of the child such as which schools he attends and which religion to follow among other rights.
  • Sole custody, if the other parent is unfit or unable to care for the child completely, you can get sole custody of the child where you have both legal and physical custody.
  • Joint custody is the best choice for parents who still want to maintain active involvement in the life of the child. Therefore, you can share both the physical and legal custody of the child.

Child Custody Laws

The best interest of the child is always first when it comes to child custody hearings. Without experience in family law, we can advise you on the right moves to make in order to maintain custody of your child. You need to show the child why you are the fit parent, that you are able to provide for the child and that the environment you live in is suitable to bringing up a child. In case you get sole custody of the child, we can also help you arrange for the visitation rights of your former partner if you want him or her to be in touch with the child.

Child Support Laws

Child Support

What is Child Support?

There are costs associated with raising a child that couples often share among themselves when they are together. Splitting up does not change the fact that the child is still the responsibility of both parents and therefore both must financially chip in. If you are going to have majority custody of the child, we can get you the child support you need for the child.

Child Support Laws

Parents are required to provide for the needs of the child until they are eighteen years old. The parent who has primary custody of the child receives the child support and has the mandate to spend it as he or she sees fit based on the best interest of the child. The child support amount is as directed by the court and the final amount decided is income driven.

What is Child Support

What is Child Support Supposed to Cover?

When calculating the child support amount, we often consider all the needs of the child including any special requirements for the child. It is supposed to be for:

  • Basic needs including food, shelter and clothing
  • Medical care (including carrying some form of health insurance)
  • Uninsured medical expenses
  • Educational fees and related costs
  • Childcare such as nannies
  • Transportation and travel
  • Entertainment
  • Extracurricular activities
  • College expenses

Zapicchi&Liller offers expert legal advice, and surrounding areas. We specialize in child custody hearings and we can help you get the child support you need to safeguard your child’s future.

Child Support