Department of Transportation (DOT) Report Recommended the Return of Red-Light Cameras

Speed enforcement camera laws and red light camera laws are currently prohibited in New Jersey since the program ended after critics questioned their accuracy and fairness and also painted them as cash-grab tools by the local governments. However, a Department of Transportation (DOT) report has recently recommended the return of red light cameras in the garden state.

The never-released DOT report stated that red light cameras helped to meet the program’s goal of modifying driver behavior and ultimately improving safety. It also claimed that the program reduced the number of crashes and associated costs, calculating $8.2 million savings in crash-related health care and property damage costs.

A Program Fraught With Controversy

Throughout its five-year run, the camera program did not go without its share of controversy. While many people wrote the program off as a “money-grab” attempt by the local government, others were quick to defend the program and the safety it has enhanced for those on the road in New Jersey, whether it be vehicles or pedestrians. Retired DOT official David Martin claimed that the program had a positive impact on the public, despite all of its problems. He went on to say that it could have done much more if they had been able to make some modifications.

Recommendation for Improving the Program

The report also listed the recommendations that could be made to improve the program. Martin said, “Once we knew the flaws, we should have been able to improve the program.” Some of the flaws he cited for correction included that the speed-limit information was faulty at times, DOT miscalculated the necessary workload to keep pace with the growth of the program, and others. The report recommended applying consistent standards to the ticketing process.

Although there are still many questions to be answered, this report shows that there is always a possibility of bringing the cameras back in the future.

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