Do You Need a Traffic Attorney? What to Consider Before You Fight That Ticket!

People who represent themselves in traffic court will walk away with higher fines and harsher penalties. If you have recently received a ticket, then you should consider hiring an experienced traffic lawyer in Burlington County, NJ, who will know the ins-and-outs of the local court system. A great attorney can help you:

  • Get your ticket dismissed
  • Negotiate alternate punishments
  • Reduce any fines
  • Avoid higher insurance rates
  • Keep points off your driver’s license

Do you need a traffic ticket lawyer? If you aren’t sure, then consider these questions:

How High Are Your Potential Fines?

Traffic attorneys tend to charge low rates. After all, few people would hire one if their fees cost more than the ticket they are fighting! If your ticket will cost more than a few hundred dollars, then the money you will save is probably greater than the lawyer fees you will pay.

Are You Facing Jail Time?

When you are charged with a traffic violation that may result in jail time, such as a DWI, you need a traffic ticket lawyer near Hamilton Township, NJ, to defend your rights.

Is Driving Vital to Your Livelihood?

Are you a truck driver, taxi driver, or someone else whose work depends upon your ability to drive? To ensure that you can keep working, you need to fight every traffic ticket and keep your driving record spotless.

How Much Will a Ticket Raise the Price of Your Insurance?

Talk to your car insurance provider to find out how a traffic ticket might impact your rates, then reach out to other providers to see if you can get a better deal. Insurance premiums are prone to particularly large jumps when you are a younger or older driver. If your rates will significantly increase, then you should consider legal representation.

Can You Make It to Court?

In many locations, a lawyer can go to court on your behalf and fight your case. If you are stuck at work, have important family responsibilities, or live far away, this may be the difference between automatically pleading guilty to a traffic violation and having your ticket waived.

How Will You Find the Right Attorney?

You need an expert legal team that will stand up for your rights and protect your driving privileges. The attorneys at Zapicchi & Liller LLP will help you successfully navigate the court system. Call 609-318-3990 to schedule a free consultation today!