Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney

More than ever before families in our country are under immense pressure leading to strained relationships. There is strain between spouses, between parents and their children, domestic partners, etc. And that is where family law comes in.

What is Family Law

Family law is a section of law implemented to regulate family relationships including parents, guardians, spouses, domestic partners and wards. Family law can fall into two areas that include:

  • Domestic relations - dealing with domestic partner and marital relationships
  • Juvenile law - deals with juvenile delinquency, dependency (neglected or abused children, runaways, unruly and truancy).
Child Custody

Family Law Disputes

They include divorce, violence, child custody, paternity, marital property rights, juvenile issues and parental rights and responsibilities.

If you have a family issue such as the previously mentioned, get in touch with Zapicchi&Liller attorneys. We are well known and experienced divorce attorneys. Our experience is extensive enough to handle any kind of family disputes as we regularly handle such, in and out the court. Therefore, we can attend to your specific needs in a professional conduct.

Do I Need a Family Lawyer?

There are numerous reasons why a party may need to seek a family lawyer and possibly the most popular one is in the event of filing for divorce. Others may include adoption, child custody, protection from abuse, child support, visitation rights, separation etc.

As professionally trained family counsellors, lawyers are obliged by law to give their best shot at trying to resolve marital issues before commencing to dissolve a couple’s union. In our firm, our lawyers have acquired special training in negotiation and counselling beside their law accreditations. This is because most family disputes tend to be quite emotional which may impede the progress made on the case by the lawyer handling it.

Child Support

Preparing For Family Court

The following is not absolute legal advice and cannot substitute for the same. Cases differ based on numerous factors, if you get summons to appear in a family court, seek a professional lawyer from Zapicchi&Liller for competent legal advice.

In case you’re alien to a family court, its facilities and staff such as the court buildings and the judges, you're committing injustice to yourself to proceed without a lawyer present.

Consider these four tips to help in your readiness:

  1. You must set aside a considerable amount of time
  2. You must abide by the rules of the court

When it comes to family disputes, good legal advice can greatly help in eliminating the resulting emotional strain. At Zapicchi&Liller, we're committed towards helping our clients resolve family conflicts by offering solutions that largely promote their concerns by protecting their loved ones emotionally, physically and financially.

We’ve been practicing family law for years and can identify with the intricacies and difficulties that family disputes may present. Give us a call today for a free consultation meeting by dialing (609) 291-9500.

Preparing for Family Court