Insurance Fraud Lawyer

Insurance Fraud Lawyer

Insurance fraud is a serious crime, regardless of where you are in the world. In New Jersey, insurance fraud has been linked to increase in premiums and losses of billions of dollars from small businesses and large corporations as well as government agencies. As a result, insurance fraud has been criminalized and severe consequences are now attached to it.

But what does insurance fraud look like? The legal definition of insurance fraud is where a person deliberately makes, or causes there to be made, a misleading or fraudulent statement, or omits a material fact in a submission for a claim, or in an application for a policy or in regard to a payment or in a document used in any insurance transaction.

This is just a complex way of saying that if a person deliberately gives false or incomplete information to an insurance company, he/she can be charged with insurance fraud.

Insurance Fraud Jail Time

Types of Insurance Frauds

Well, there are as many kinds of insurance fraud as there are kinds of insurance. Some of the more common forms of insurance fraud include, among others:

  • Car insurance fraud:
    1. Stolen car fraud – Taking your car to a chop shop to sell the parts then reporting it as stolen or selling your car overseas then reporting it stolen.
    2. Car accident fraud – Faking a car accident or inflating the value of vehicles to get a larger payoff from their insurers.
  • Health insurance billing fraud – Inflating the price of standard procedures, or charging for procedures that weren’t done, or ordering unnecessary procedures.
  • Homeowners’ insurance fraud – It can be done by staging a fire or vandalism or inflating damages caused by a storm.
  • Faked death – Someone takes a life insurance policy and makes his/her spouse the beneficiary then fakes his death to get the payout.
  • Getting unemployment benefits while you are still employed.
Car Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud Criminal Charges

How much trouble you could get in if you are found guilty of insurance fraud? In New Jersey, insurance fraud is a third degree offense except if a person commits more than five acts of deliberate insurance fraud amounting to a total of $1,000; this is ranked a second degree felony.

It is important to note that each act of insurance fraud will be regarded as a separate offense; even where the multiple acts involved a single record.

Insurance Fraud Jail Time

Car insurance claims and worker’s compensation claims will get you 18 months in jail and/or a $10,000 fine. Health insurance fraud attracts 3 – 5 years imprisonment and/or $150,000 fine (or five times the amount of the fraudulent claim). Unemployment claims, however, are regarded as theft and will be punished as such.

New Jersey is a tough place to beat an insurance fraud charge. You will need knowledgeable attorneys in your corner, and that’s where we come in. At Zapicchi & Liller, we have the commitment and experience to make sure your charges are either dismissed or reduced.

So call us today, get a consultation along with an experienced defense team in New Jersey.

Types of Insurance Frauds
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