Know The Dangers of a DWI This Summer

With June almost here, more people will soon be more willing to go out and have a beer or two with friends. The warm weather can be the final motivation to leave your house after a long week of working. While everyone is entitled to have a good time surrounded by good people, knowing when to call it quits is vital. Keeping these tips in mind will help keep you on the right side of the law when you go out with friends this summer:

It Is Still Dangerous

The end goal isn’t to get home without being pulled over and given a field sobriety test by a police officer; the end goal is to get home safely without causing harm to you or OTHERS. Even if you are below the legal limit, your chances of being involved in an accident grow higher with every rise in BAC. Knowing how quickly and how much to drink is very important. 

One Last Round

We’ve all been there – we have plans to leave at a certain time, and it’s quickly approaching. The dreaded “one more” is shouted out and the next thing you know you’ve had three more drinks than planned. Making sure to not exceed your limit can be the difference between heading home and heading to jail. 

Worth the Consequences?

The consequences of a DWI can be staggering. Not only will your license most likely be suspended, the number of fees and money you’d have to spend can really add up. Are you able to get to work solely on public transportation? Could you afford to Uber every day to and from work? Have an extra $1,000 lain around to pay for court fees? Knowing these consequences can help you say “no” to doing one more shot. 
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