Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

If you have ever been involved in a dispute as a landlord or tenant, you will have to agree it can be debilitating for your business or even family. The fact that most lease agreements are singed in haste and without legal guidance exacerbates the situation. Both parties will find themselves in an incendiary legal tussle.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Landlord Tenant Law

How can you avoid such a devastating situation? It all boils down to legal representation and guidance when you are looking into your lease. At Zapicchi & Liller, we are cognizant of the obfuscation that pervades landlord tenant laws and we have advised hundreds of business and household owners to deal with these tricky situations.

But firstly, why is the property market prone to these disputes yet there are laws guiding the sector? Like most states, New Jersey’s landlord-tenant laws are pegged on Uniform Residential Landlord And Tenant Act (URLTA).

From our years of experience, we have come to the conclusion that most landlords and tenants are not aware of the existence of these laws. Knowledge of these state laws protects you as a landlord to secure your investment.

On the other hand, the same statutes protect you if you are a tenant by ensuring fair treatment by the landlord. These laws help to avoid:

  • Legal tussles involving rent, repairs, and deposits, among other concomitant financial lease agreement issues.
  • Renter’s rights to minor repairs and maintenance, including mold removal and prevention.
  • Landlord liabilities for bedbug infestation.
  • Tenants right to privacy and safety.
  • Landlord disclosure of all pertinent issues in a lease.
  • Landlord access to rental property.
Landlord Tenant Law
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Retaliatory Actions, Evictions and Discrimination

Legal battles between tenants and landlords have led to comprehensive laws to avert discriminatory treatment against any party in most states. They mostly apply to the tenant who in this case is deemed vulnerable.

The law is clear that your landlord cannot just kick you out, and as legal professionals dealing with landlord-tenant laws, we help you fight against such treatment.

There are of course other situation-specific issues covered under the law including right to withhold rent, handling of abandoned belongings, protection against landlord retaliation, among others.

As experts in the field, we understand the law and our services are aimed at ensuring fair treatment for both the landlord and tenants. A landlord has to file an eviction and they must provide enough bases for such an action. In New Jersey, for instance, there are three days indicated in a lease agreement within which a landlord must communicate such a violation.

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Landlord Rights

As a landlord, you also have rights under the statutes in order to protect your property. Some of these include entry rights, which vary from state to state. You have such rights in case of emergencies, for repairs and renovations, abandoning of property, among other situations. Understanding each of these rights is not easy and we help to take you through the laws in order to fight for your rights.

Tenant Rights

As a tenant, you might be going through a rough time because you don’t know your rights yet. We come in handy to elaborate these issues and help you file a comprehensive complaint with the Special Civil Part Clerk in the county.

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The entire process is complicated, but we have the resources to collate all the documentation you need in order to win your case. We have the legal knowhow to ensure you get heard.

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