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Speeding tickets in New Jersey are issued by local police officers or state troopers who use radars to determine a person’s traveling speed. Like other traffic violations in and around Burlington County, NJ, speeding tickets lead to accumulations of points on your driving record. Therefore, it’s essential to do everything possible to fight a speeding ticket, even if you think you are guilty.

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When You Might Need a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Driving over 14 mph above the limit attracts two points, while going 15 – 29mph above the limit can attract four points. Going 30 mph and above over the limit attracts five points. It’s the job of your traffic ticket attorney to contest the points by proving that you were not speeding or showing that you have legitimate cause to be speeding near Mercer County, NJ.

Ticket Fines and Penalties Traffic Ticket Lawyers Defend Against

The maximum number of points that can be added to your driving record is dependent on how far above the speed limit you were caught driving in Burlington County, NJ. You should avoid adding points to your record since they result in insurance premium hikes and ultimately lead to suspension of your license. A judge can suspend your license and even sentence you to jail based on your speed under State v. Moran, unless you have the assistance of a traffic lawyer to dispute the claims.

On conviction, the judge has discretion on the fine amount to impose, but there are standard guidelines adhered to by New Jersey municipal courts – whether it’s in Hamilton, NJ, or Bordentown, NJ. These fines are exclusive of court charges incurred to contest a speeding ticket or other traffic violation that your traffic lawyer is defending you against. Also, the fine could be doubled if the driver was found speeding in a construction zone, safe corridor, or 65 mph zones.

Ways Traffic Violation Lawyer Can Assist You

In cases where the speeding is not in dispute, a traffic violation lawyer may argue that an emergency situation prompted the traffic violation. For instance, if a driver in Hamilton, NJ suddenly fell ill or were ferrying someone sick, that would be allowable. In addition, the traffic lawyer will carefully evaluate the facts surrounding the police officer’s conclusion – just like in a DUI defense. For instance, if there were multiple vehicles at the time driving through Mercer County, NJ, and the officer picked your car, how can they be sure it was your car and not another one speeding?

How a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Defends

There are numerous ways for speeding ticket lawyers to dispute the validity of the claim.

Contrary to popular belief, an officer or state trooper can make a mistake when issuing a speeding ticket in Burlington County, NJ, or Mercer County, NJ. The issue may be their fault, like incorrectly recording the law or statute which was contravened, and this provides legitimate grounds for dismissal of a speeding ticket.

Also, there could have been an error in the radar gun or any other equipment used to track the vehicle’s speed. Radar guns are supposed to be tested and reset before and after use, and they must be recalibrated periodically. If the officer in Bordentown, NJ, used their own speedometer to measure the speeding violation, that must also follow the same rules.

If any of the above was not present and can be so proven, a speeding ticket can be overthrown or reduced. In every case, the most effective defiance is to have an experienced and knowledgeable traffic lawyer fighting your case. 

A traffic attorney is well informed about various defense strategies. Their previous experience with prosecutors will enable your team to map out an effective strategy to secure a win for you

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Many people think they have no recourse against speeding tickets and other traffic violations, but this is far from the truth. You can fight your tickets and avoid the negative implications on your record and insurance. Contact your traffic attorneys at Zapicchi & Liller to find out how to get started.

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