Defending Against Driving Without Insurance Charges in New Jersey

If you are an uninsured driver in Hamilton, NJ, you will need to pay a ticket to their Municipal Court. Those found guilty will face up to $300 to $1,000 worth of fines, a designated amount of community service hours, and a year-long license suspension. Any subsequent charges following the first offense will increase these punishments considerably, with the addition of jail time. Most states enact this law to ensure that any potential victims have financial relief if a vehicle accident occurs. These are some of the ways New Jersey drivers can defend themselves from driving without insurance charges.

Know the Law

Understanding the parameters of the law and how to follow it will help protect individuals from facing arrest, to begin with. Under N.J.S.A. 39:6B-2, owners of registered motor vehicles must carry their proof of insurance with them. If they do not have it, then they violate N.J.S.A. 39:6B-1, which prohibits individuals from driving on New Jersey public roads or highways without insurance. The specific insurance that drivers must own in New Jersey is $5,000 for any property damage, $15,000 for the death or bodily injury of a person, and $30,000 for the death or injury of multiple people. Contact your insurance company for more details on how to acquire them so you can avoid becoming an uninsured driver.

Provide Proof of Insurance

If you are charged with driving without insurance, the New Jersey Municipal Court will ask you to provide an insurance policy or card that was active during the same time as the arrest: failure to present it will result in jail time. Keeping your insurance coverage on hand will ensure you have it ready to submit in a timely manner, in addition to your license and registration.

You Did Not Receive Notice of Cancellation

There are several past cases where uninsured drivers were not charged with driving without insurance due to various forces outside their control. In State v. Hochman, 188 N.J. 382, a conviction was overturned when it was proven the defendant’s insurance company mailed the letter of the cancellation notice to the wrong address. In another case, Matland v. United States Automobile Association, 174 N.J. Super. 499, an offender was let go because their husband canceled the insurance without their knowledge. In both instances, the defendants were let go because they were not informed of the cancellation of their auto insurance. If you find yourself in a similar circumstance, be sure to notify your attorney.

You Were Driving Someone Else’s Vehicle

Even if you are not an uninsured driver, it is still possible to face charges for driving uninsured if the vehicle you were operating belonged to someone else who did not have insurance. However, so long as you can prove that you did not own the uninsured vehicle you were driving at the time of arrest, you can defend against charges. Instead, the person who owned the car you drove will face charges. If you ever need to lend a friend or family member your vehicle, ensure you have insurance for it; you will be the one being fined, not them.

There Was a Lapse of Coverage

On some occasions, the state will charge an individual for driving without insurance when their coverage lapsed: this means that the driver failed to pay for the insurance in time, and it expired. However, it’s possible that the owner did not know of the lapse during their arrest. If they are able to pay their insurance once they are notified, they can avoid fines. Additionally, a lapse may occur if they transition to a new insurance company. To prevent either scenario from happening, always make sure to pay for your insurance on time.

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What to Know if You’re Charged With a Crime in New Jersey as a First-Time Offender

Have you found yourself accused of a crime you didn’t commit or in a situation where you ended up in jail but don’t quite understand why? Unfortunately, through misunderstandings or non-thorough investigations, bystanders and completely innocent individuals can end up wrongfully accused of a crime. Believe it or not, it happens more often than you might think, and the best way to be aware is to be prepared. As a result, we’ll review what you can expect and what you should know if charged with a crime in Burlington County, NJ, or the surrounding areas. 

After Being Charged, What Can I Expect? 

Once you have been charged, the next steps vary depending on the type of criminal complaint received. Whether you get a warrant or summons complaints is important, for each will have a different effect on the following circumstances. 

Typically, in cases of no criminal history or minimal criminal background, the police officer may file the summons’ complaint. Fortunately, this can mean you are free to go and are simply expected to report to the court on your noted date. At this time, you can anticipate more information from the judge, including your next court date, what your rights are, and what the charges are against you. 

On the other hand, if you find yourself in a situation where the complaint is filed as a warrant, you will not be immediately released. Rather, prepare to go to the county jail and be brought before the judge within the following one to two days, on average. At this time, bail will be determined. 

What Happens When You First Get Arrested? 

Before even being arrested by the police, know that it must be under probable cause. “Probable cause” is defined as reasonable conditions where you are being suspected of illegal activity. As a result, there may be “probable cause” to detain or arrest you. 

Once arrested, the booking process starts. Here’s what it should include: 

These steps are most fundamental to the process, but there are more that you may encounter. Most are paperwork-related, such as recording your name and the alleged crime from the start. Also, the arresting officer may check for any other warrants on your record. In essence, this helps determine what the next steps look like depending on whether it comes back clear or not. 

Additionally, a health screening may occur with other inmates and employees’ safety and health in mind. This can incorporate testing such as bloodwork or X-rays. Likewise, a DNA sample may be collected, but this is entirely situational. However, as of a 2013 Supreme Court decision, police officers are allowed to ask for a sample during this booking process. 

What Are My Rights?  

As a citizen or documented immigrant of the United States, you always have the right to an attorney. During your arrest, you should be Mirandized, where your rights are explained to you. This also includes the right not to speak without your lawyer present. 

In most circumstances, it is advisable to hire a criminal lawyer or DWI lawyer, depending on the crime in which you were accused. Ultimately, the Law Offices of Zapicchi & Liller LLP will represent you and your interests best in court while working towards the optimal outcome for your case. After all, our practice has over 20 years of combined experience, so we can be trusted to fight for you in a criminal law case based in Monmouth County, NJ. Contact us today for more information!


The Difference Between Assault and Battery in New Jersey

Many people who have watched Law & Order or any other crime drama have heard of “assault and battery” charges but probably don’t understand what they mean. Just because you hear it on the television doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a comprehensive understanding of the criminal law itself. 


What to do if You’re Accused of Shoplifting in New Jersey

Being detained for shoplifting in New Jersey is a stressful situation, and many people feel the need to take action immediately. However, if you’re accused of shoplifting in Monmouth County or the surrounding areas, it’s important to be careful about how you handle the situation.


Department of Transportation (DOT) Report Recommended the Return of Red-Light Cameras

Speed enforcement camera laws and red light camera laws are currently prohibited in New Jersey since the program ended after critics questioned their accuracy and fairness and also painted them as cash-grab tools by the local governments. However, a Department of Transportation (DOT) report has recently recommended the return of red light cameras in the garden state.

The never-released DOT report stated that red light cameras helped to meet the program’s goal of modifying driver behavior and ultimately improving safety. It also claimed that the program reduced the number of crashes and associated costs, calculating $8.2 million savings in crash-related health care and property damage costs.

A Program Fraught With Controversy

Throughout its five-year run, the camera program did not go without its share of controversy. While many people wrote the program off as a “money-grab” attempt by the local government, others were quick to defend the program and the safety it has enhanced for those on the road in New Jersey, whether it be vehicles or pedestrians. Retired DOT official David Martin claimed that the program had a positive impact on the public, despite all of its problems. He went on to say that it could have done much more if they had been able to make some modifications.

Recommendation for Improving the Program

The report also listed the recommendations that could be made to improve the program. Martin said, “Once we knew the flaws, we should have been able to improve the program.” Some of the flaws he cited for correction included that the speed-limit information was faulty at times, DOT miscalculated the necessary workload to keep pace with the growth of the program, and others. The report recommended applying consistent standards to the ticketing process.

Although there are still many questions to be answered, this report shows that there is always a possibility of bringing the cameras back in the future.

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Know The Dangers of a DWI This Summer

With June almost here, more people will soon be more willing to go out and have a beer or two with friends. The warm weather can be the final motivation to leave your house after a long week of working. While everyone is entitled to have a good time surrounded by good people, knowing when to call it quits is vital. Keeping these tips in mind will help keep you on the right side of the law when you go out with friends this summer:

It Is Still Dangerous

The end goal isn’t to get home without being pulled over and given a field sobriety test by a police officer; the end goal is to get home safely without causing harm to you or OTHERS. Even if you are below the legal limit, your chances of being involved in an accident grow higher with every rise in BAC. Knowing how quickly and how much to drink is very important. 

One Last Round

We’ve all been there – we have plans to leave at a certain time, and it’s quickly approaching. The dreaded “one more” is shouted out and the next thing you know you’ve had three more drinks than planned. Making sure to not exceed your limit can be the difference between heading home and heading to jail. 

Worth the Consequences?

The consequences of a DWI can be staggering. Not only will your license most likely be suspended, the number of fees and money you’d have to spend can really add up. Are you able to get to work solely on public transportation? Could you afford to Uber every day to and from work? Have an extra $1,000 lain around to pay for court fees? Knowing these consequences can help you say “no” to doing one more shot. 
Anyone in need of a dependable DWI lawyer in Mercer County, NJ should look no further than The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP. As the legal team that stands up for the rights of people who have been injured or wronged, we are happy to fight for you. For traffic tickets in Bordentown, NJ and other traffic offenses, give us a call today at 609-318-3990.


3 Lasting Effects of A DWI Charge

Any kind of driving under the influence charge (DUI or DWI) is very serious. Not only is drunk driving extremely dangerous, but there are also many effects that can last for years. The next time you go out for happy hour after work with your co-workers, remember these three lingering effects that can come with a DWI or DUI:

Help Wanted

It’s not rare for someone to lose their job following conviction. It is common practice for many managers and business owners to have zero tolerance when it comes to criminal record. Even worse, anyone who is needed to operate any kind of motor vehicle during the job duties may find themselves looking for a new job. There isn’t a single cocktail out there that’s worth losing your job over. 

Uber Is Your New Best Friend

Depending on the severity and specifics of a DWI charge, you are almost guaranteed to lose driving privileges for any amount of time. Those lucky enough to keep their job may find themselves paying high costs to get to work if public transportation doesn’t fit their commute. 

Your Freedom

Just like we said in the previous paragraph, the circumstance around your charge can even end up with you behind bars. Regardless of whether it is a DUI or DWI charge in Burlington County, NJ, the chance of doing jail time is very real. 

The best advice we can give to lower the chance of dealing with any of these lasting effects is to eliminate any chance of driving while intoxicated. Even if you’ve only had a few drinks, Uber and Lyft are always great choices to stay safe and not get charged. Anyone who is facing a DUI or DWI charge should reach out to us immediately. We here at The Law Offices of Zapicchi & Liller LLP have fought for those charged with DWIs and DUIs for years. 
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Do You Need a Traffic Attorney? What to Consider Before You Fight That Ticket!

People who represent themselves in traffic court will walk away with higher fines and harsher penalties. If you have recently received a ticket, then you should consider hiring an experienced traffic lawyer in Burlington County, NJ, who will know the ins-and-outs of the local court system. A great attorney can help you:

  • Get your ticket dismissed
  • Negotiate alternate punishments
  • Reduce any fines
  • Avoid higher insurance rates
  • Keep points off your driver’s license

Do you need a traffic ticket lawyer? If you aren’t sure, then consider these questions:

How High Are Your Potential Fines?

Traffic attorneys tend to charge low rates. After all, few people would hire one if their fees cost more than the ticket they are fighting! If your ticket will cost more than a few hundred dollars, then the money you will save is probably greater than the lawyer fees you will pay.

Are You Facing Jail Time?

When you are charged with a traffic violation that may result in jail time, such as a DWI, you need a traffic ticket lawyer near Hamilton Township, NJ, to defend your rights.

Is Driving Vital to Your Livelihood?

Are you a truck driver, taxi driver, or someone else whose work depends upon your ability to drive? To ensure that you can keep working, you need to fight every traffic ticket and keep your driving record spotless.

How Much Will a Ticket Raise the Price of Your Insurance?

Talk to your car insurance provider to find out how a traffic ticket might impact your rates, then reach out to other providers to see if you can get a better deal. Insurance premiums are prone to particularly large jumps when you are a younger or older driver. If your rates will significantly increase, then you should consider legal representation.

Can You Make It to Court?

In many locations, a lawyer can go to court on your behalf and fight your case. If you are stuck at work, have important family responsibilities, or live far away, this may be the difference between automatically pleading guilty to a traffic violation and having your ticket waived.

How Will You Find the Right Attorney?

You need an expert legal team that will stand up for your rights and protect your driving privileges. The attorneys at Zapicchi & Liller LLP will help you successfully navigate the court system. Call 609-318-3990 to schedule a free consultation today!


3 Tips To Avoid A DWI Charge This Fall

With the fall weather right around the corner, the return of football also brings with it the perfect excuse to start drinking early in the day. Between rooting for your alma mater during college football Saturdays and your favorite NFL team on Sundays, there will be plenty of time this fall to go out and let loose with friends. 

While it’s always great to get together with your closest friends, it is important to do so in a safe manner. As the top DWI lawyer in Monmouth County, NJ, we here at The Law Office of Zapicchi and Liller LLP are constantly offering tips for drivers to avoid a DWI during fall. 

Don’t Drive If You Don’t Have To

Unless you only plan on stopping in for a little bit, there is no need to drive to the bar if you don’t have to. It’s always better to Uber or Lyft your way to the bar when you plan on drinking. It’s not rare for cops to patrol near pubs and saloons at 2 a.m. 

Never Risk It

The bottom line is that if you’re unsure whether you’re sober enough to drive, then you aren’t. Even if you drove to the bar, leave your car at the bar and go back the next morning. The money you’ll spend on a cab, Uber or Lyft is nothing compared to the fees and fines that come with DWI charges in Burlington County, NJ

Be Smart

Just like our last tip, one of the easiest ways to avoid ending up in handcuffs this fall is by being smart. If you do go out early in the day for a football game, don’t stay out all night. Little things like staying away from liquor and binge drinking can help you enjoy a day out with friends while still being able to drive home. 

Those who find themselves in need of DUI/DWI defense this fall are encouraged to reach out to us at 609-318-3990


3 Long-Term Effects of A DUI Arrest

The Pennsylvania State Police had over 19,000 arrests for DUI in 2016 alone. That number doesn’t even reflect the number of people arrested by local and city police departments. We here at The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP have defended those charged with a DUI/DWI in the state of New Jersey. 

With years of experience, our firm of criminal lawyers in Mercer County, NJ can help defend you in the unfortunate case of being arrested for DUI. Here are just a few of the long-lasting effects that can come about due to a DUI/DWI charge: 

Loss Of Job

While it certainly depends on what you do for a living, there is always a good chance you could be terminated at your job due to any kind of DUI charge. With many jobs following a zero tolerance policy when it comes to criminal record, one bad decision can result in you updating your résumé and looking for a new job. Anyone who operates a motor vehicle for work also has a very high chance of losing their job. 

Hard to Get Around

Following a DUI charge, most drivers will lose their driving privileges for a certain amount of months. Relying on public transportation or costly Uber/Lyft rides can be costly and unreliable. Little things like getting to work (if you still have a job) and going grocery shopping can become much more difficult without your own car. 

Costly Fines

Even in the best case scenario, those who end up being charged with a DUI/DWI can end up with hundreds, if not thousands, in fees. Court fees, lawyer fees, and other fees to restore your license or get your record expunged can add up quickly. The average DUI charge can end up costing thousands of dollars. 

For years, we have been proud to be the go-to choice for criminal law in Monmouth County, NJ. Anyone in need of legal defense following a DUI/DWI charge in South Jersey can reach out to us today. Give us a call today at 609-318-3990